Centralized Radioactive Monitoring System

The Client

AELB and MOSTI, are Government bodies of Malaysia operating on Research and Technology. The roll of AELB is to control over the use of radioactive substances. Due to the rapid development of atomic energy activities in Malaysia which required more effective control and inspection Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) needed an effective and efficient Radio Active Traffic monitoring System.

The Challenge

The Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) and Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) require a centralized system to monitor and track nuclear and radioactive material movement in Malaysia. The Centralized Radiation Monitoring System (CRMS) was required to be integrated with the data captured from the Portals which is installed in different strategic locations across Malaysia. The Portals monitored pedestrians and vehicles for radioactive radiations.

CRMS’s is to build a system that offers a central monitoring of vehicles or pedestrians carrying radioactive materials across Malaysia. The core of the system is to transfer the real-time data from the portals to a central location. The system in central location shall process the data and display messages as per the rules set by the users.

The Solution

A core system was designed to monitor and control the radioactive material trafficking. The system to process the incoming data triggers an alarm.

CRMS Architecture

The CRMS was designed to interface with existing Radioactive Sensor Device implementations and their data from each location. A Networking was established to dispatch the data received from the devices to the CRMS via a secured internet network.

CRMS System received the incoming data and display necessary information and triggered alarm whenever any rules are violated.

CRMS Application:

The CRMS Application is responsible for processing the incoming alert data, performing the functions of storing and retrieving data from database, transmitting alert signals to users in form of visual and sound alert.

CRMS Database:

A Persistent storage device to store all the data and information regarding the processing.

User Interface:

System interfaced with Graphical User Interface to receive the Rules and Conditions created by CRMS Admin. The GUI shall be user-friendly and intuitive in design and navigation. The GUI shall also be integrated with reporting tool to generate necessary Reports.

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