Aintenance and support is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. We provide maintenance and support services not only for solutions developed by us but also for third party solutions. Due to our proven software development processes, we are able to offer high-quality support, maintenance and enhancement services at reduced costs.

As the role of technology in business changes from business enabler to business transformer, the range and complexity of systems and the dependence on them will only increase. Today’s IT organizations must address the need for stability, performance and functionality across an ever-increasing range of legacy, hosted and proprietary systems – and to do so in a way that unlocks system potential without additional cost burdens.

Our Maintenance and support Services listing :

  • Assessment of existing systems and take over
  • Ongoing Software Maintenance and Support (2nd Level and 3rd Level support)
  • New Development and Upgrades
  • Enhancements and New Functionality Implementation
  • Technical Improvement
  • Monitoring of Existing Solutions
  • Data Migration
  • Performance Optimization