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Quality is accorded the highest importance in our organization and we continuously Upgrade our procedures and systems to give the highest benefit to the customer. We strive to main a reputation of higher levels of accuracy, On-time delivery and cost effective solutions to our clients. The verification is done at three levels with highest emphasis at the User level. He ensures that the required parameters be met before passing on to higher levels. Productivity charts and incentive schemes constantly motivate him. The second level re checks the parameters and it is passed on to the Project Manager who finally delivers the outputs to the clients after a set inspection procedure.

Complexity increases the probability of errors. Some are not immediately visible; becoming apparent under certain, sometimes rare, conditions. There is wide scope for errors to be made. One small flaw can render a program inoperable. Testing is more than ensuring that the software works; it is making sure that it helps the end-user improve his business processes from the outset.

Hanodale offers independent software testing and validation services that help organizations reduce risks associated with software new implementations and result in reduction of maintenance costs and downtimes.

How we do it

Hanodale is committed to meet client expectations and provide quality results. This commitment, coupled with the experience in using proven system testing techniques, paves the way for high level of customer satisfaction in our engagements. At Ideal Soft, we understand the critical role of testing and have a flexible approach to testing, including :
  • Client specific engagement models
  • Functional Testing that validates business objectives against functionality
  • Performance Testing to quantitatively measure the performance of an application under simulated test conditions and high loads.
  • Manual Testing for usability and user friendliness.
  • Production Monitoring
  • Regression Testing Services
  • Automated testing resulting to reduction in the cycle time
  • Creation / Maintenance of the Test Plans.

Benefits to customer
  • Increased understanding of the product and its benefits
  • Less time spent on support issues
  • Added confidence in the product by the your staff
  • Reduced implementation concerns

Services We Offer

Application Development
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Portals & Content Management
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Software Quality
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